Second IDEA Workshop on characterization and categorization of fragrance allergens

25 Sep

On September 23-25, 2014, the second IDEA Workshop on Characterization and Categorization of Fragrance Allergens reunited leading experts discuss the development of a categorization system for allergens (with special consideration of the use of alternatives to animal testing), the development of a robust post-marketing surveillance in order to feed the risk management process and optimize consumer protection and the interaction between allergens and the human body in different exposure scenarios and for different subpopulations.

The main headlines of the workshop program were:

  1. The relationship between CA and the diagnosis of ACD, specifically:
    1. Understanding the link between CA and ACD, including the definition of clinical relevance,
    2. How the uncertainties associated with patch testing can be minimized,
    3. Understanding the differences of prevalence of skin sensitization which might be caused by genetic predispositions and consumer habits.
  2. Toward a meaningful system for the characterization and the categorization of allergens
  3. How to improve data collection in view to feed the risk management process.
  4. Communication between the industry and the dermatologists

The presentations and fruitful discussion of these 3-day workshop resulted in a number of key conclusions and recommendations which are now available online.

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