To secure the best governance for IDEA, a Supervisory Group was set up to oversee the process and ensure scientific integrity and full transparency.

Composition and rules

The Supervisory Group is made up of four to seven members with no vested interests in industry activities.

Potential new members can put themselves forward for a position on the Supervisory Group; nominations are then evaluated by the Supervisory Group and subject to agreement by the European Commission.

> Download the IDEA Supervisory Group's Operating Procedures


The remit of this group is to scrutinize implementation of the Work Plan and to guarantee the neutrality of scientific debates and the procedure for selecting experts.

The Supervisory Group reviews the agenda and related activities.

For each workshop, the Supervisory Group nominates a Rapporteur from among its members. This Rapporteur attends the workshop and writes a report based on its outcome. This progress report is reviewed by the Supervisory Group, which draws up conclusions and sets recommendations for improving the overall process.