IDEA workshop on New Approach Methodologies (NAMs) – Application of the Reference Chemical Potency List (RCPL)

22 Sept

IDEA organized a workshop on the application of the RCPL in September 2023, with the outcomes reported below.

In its effort on working towards a Quantitative Risk Assessment framework for skin sensitizers without in vivo data, IDEA organized a workshop on the application of the RCPL. This workshop welcomed a range of participants, including developers of NAMs as well as representatives from industry, JRC and the BfR as well as observers from DG Grow and the SCCS. It built on previous outcomes and agreed on actions from the WS held the previous year.

All documents from this meeting are available below:

  1. Agenda
  2. Introduction to background and purpose of the meeting
  3. Case Study 1 (Linear Regression Defined Approach)
  4. Case Study 2 (GARDskin Dose-Response)
  5. Case Study 3 (SENS-IS)
  6. Case Studies 4 (Bayesian network ITS Defined Approach,)
  7. Case Studies 5 (SARA Model)
  8. NGRA Case study on DE
  9. Key conclusions
  10. Workshop report by the rapporteur from the IDEA Supervisory Group Ian Kimber

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