IDEA welcomes SCCS Draft Opinion

06 Dec

The International Dialogue for the Evaluation of Allergens (IDEA) welcomes the publication of a Draft Opinion on Skin Sensitization Quantitative Risk Assessment for Fragrance Ingredients (QRA2).

The Draft Opinion, published by the European Commission’s Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) on 20 November, assesses progress on the work undertaken by IDEA, a project that brings together a variety of stakeholder, including academics, clinicians and industry scientists.

One of IDEA’s key tasks since it was established in 2012 has been to develop a revised version of the method of quantitative risk assessment (QRA2).

IDEA is pleased to note the Committee’s acknowledgement of significant progress in the methodology since the initial publication of the QRA in 2008, and its support for the numerous additional considerations and refinements that have been incorporated in the proposed revised methodology.

IDEA also recognizes and welcomes the additional suggestions for improvements made by the Committee.

Like the SCCS, we firmly believe that these improvements to the QRA2 will lead to the development of a useful methodology not only for risk assessment of fragrance allergens, but potentially also for other cosmetic ingredients.

We look forward to using the two-month consultation period to hold further discussions and provide additional clarifications, and to continuing our contribution to the development of a robust system of risk assessment.