IDEA Categorization TF - Kick-off webinar

28 Apr

The 2013 IDEA workshop dedicated to the characterization of fragrance allergens led to the conclusion that time and resources should be spent on the development of a meaningful categorization system of allergens to be used for further risk assessment and management.

It was made clear by the workshop participant that the resulting categorization system should clearly define the ‘levels of concerns’ (based on appropriate indicators). Furthermore, consumer exposure / product category is important and non-ambiguous product categories should be defined.

Based on these recommendations, a task force has been formed to produce a draft framework of criteria for a better categorization of fragrance allergens. All scientific experts invited in this IDEA workshop were welcome to join the effort.

The following people expressed interest in this action item and, therefore, are members of the IDEA Categorization TF:

Klaus Andersen (Odense University Hospital), David Basketter (DABMEB Consultancy), Don Belsito (Columbia University Medical Center), Peter Cadby (Chanel), Graham Ellis (Givaudan), Nicola Gilmour (Unilever), Helmut Greim (IDEA Supervisory Group), Peter Griem (Symrise), Maya Krasteva (L’Oréal), Scott Schneider (Firmenich), Benjamin Smith (Firmenich), Axel Schnuch (IVDK / University of Göttingen), Theodor Schumacher (Smart Practice) and Ian White (St. John's Institute of Dermatology). Hans Bender, Matthias Vey and Fred Lebreux will moderate this working group and take care of all its logistical / technical aspects.

The kick-off conference call of this task force took take place on April 28th and the final minutes of this event can be downloaded from this page. The outcome of the TF's activities will be presented at the next IDEA workshop dedicated to the characterization of fragrance allergens to be held on September 23-25, 2014.

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