Fourth IDEA Workshop on Pre and Pro haptens

13 Dec

The 4th IDEA Workshop on Pre- and Pro- haptens took place in Brussels.

The workshop aimed at:

  1. Presenting the latest results from the IDEA Hydroperoxides TF. As a reminder, the purpose of the IDEA Hydroperoxides Task Force is to provide analytical data in support of interpretation of Patch Test reactions to materials containing the hydroperoxides of limonene and linalool. During the last months, the TF has performed a ring test to better understand the formation of linalool and limonene hydroperoxides within the products and to improve the methodologies to enable the confirmation and quantitative measurement for limonene and linalool hydroperoxides in complex mixtures, including certain types of consumer products. The outcome and the next steps was discussed among all the participants to the IDEA workshops on pre- and pro- haptens.
  2. Providing a framework, to be incorporated in QRA2, on how to identify and characterise, for risk assessment purposes, the potential of fragrance ingredients to be abiotically and/or biotically converted to reactive forms that induce and/or exacerbate the induction of sensitization. The framework is reflected in the key conclusions at the workshop and in the Rapporteur's final report.

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