IDEA - International Dialogue for the Evaluation of Allergens

IDEA Workshop on QRA based on NAMs: Building Trust

10 December 2019

In the effort towards a QRA on skin sensitization based on new approach methodologies (NAMs) instead of the LLNA, IDEA provides a multi-stakeholder forum to facilitate the generation of a guidance framework based on NAMs to identify a NESIL for fragrance ingredients (FIs).

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Such a framework should focus on deriving a continuous point of departure (PoD) from which the NESIL will be confirmed. This work should be complementary to the achievements that other organizations have already accomplished or activities that they are currently pursuing. The framework should rely on current existing methods and approaches but be open to new methods addressing specific gaps that IDEA perceives exist in current methodologies.

Previous IDEA workshops have focused on the available in vitro tests and the results obtained with them. A key need identified was a benchmark reference chemical potency list for the evaluation of NAMs, which would initially at least be focused on FIs. The workshops also helped identify questions that require attention in the process of building trust in NESILs derived from NAM data.

The aim of this workshop is to start building on the elements already identified previously as being key for confidence assessment of a framework for NESIL identification based on NAMs.