IDEA - International Dialogue for the Evaluation of Allergens

Third IDEA Workshop on characterization and categorization of fragrance allergens

12 December 2018

IDEA experts reunited on 12 December 2018 in Brussels to continue the discussion on Characterization and Categorization (C&C) of fragrance allergens.

This third C&C workshop focused on the Mechanism (Mode) of Action of induction (and elicitation) and how this informs the combined approaches of AAT (the underlying assumptions) to conclude on induction (potency) as well as in vitro approaches to diagnose contact allergy.

The participants re-emphasized that the development of non-animal alternatives for potency assessment (for definition of a point of departure in risk assessment e.g. NESIL) is such a complex task that all relevant data (weight of evidence) need to be considered to address the nature and degree of uncertainty and that a reference chemical potency database integrating human, animal and in vitro evidence would be very valuable.

The presentations and key conclusions from this workshop are now available online (see links, right).